Poke City

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Poke City is an emerging concept that draws inspiration from traditional Hawaiian Dish called POKE BOWL. It's a personal customizable simple salad bowl that is combines your choice of either cooked chicken , seafood or fresh raw fish, such as tuna, Salmon, white tuna,served over lettuce or rice as a base with a choice of fresh unlimited vegetable toppings and house-made flavorful condiments. Even the basic poke bowls contain a high amount of protein while being low calories making this unique salad bowl the perfect go-to meal for a busy modern lifestyle. At Poke City, we care about our customers. Our commitment is toward product quality guarantees only the freshest ingredients go into each poke bowl. We also provide a wide selection of tea beverages from house- brewed loose leaf tea to traditional classic bubble tea and fresh fruit slushies. We welcome you to come and enjoy our comfortable dining atmosphere and try one of our signature poke bowls for yourself!

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